About Us

What we do

At Mind- Arena we provide entertainment services to individuals and corporates that challenges mind capabilities and develop the team spirit. We provide mind-blowing experience to individuals and their families and friends, as well as special corporate deals to empower the Team-Building events.

Our Mission

“Our mission is inherited from our ethics and believes, we appreciate minds…and we enrich them with knowledge through providing mind challenging entertainment. Exploring the power from within and expanding people mind capabilities develops thought leaders. We provide mind-blowing experience to individuals and corporates through our game based activities that evolve from the fusion of ‘WE’ in ‘YOU’”

Updates & Support

Creativity has no limits, our multi-level games allow you to come again and again to examine different difficulty levels. Through our network of expertise we design our rooms to take into account psychological and sociological human behaviors, challenging yet easy to adapt to the standards of world class experience. We provide you with hints and help during the game if needed, supported by safe and enjoyable environment to make your moments unforgettable.

More About Us

We are a group of enthusiastic individuals who care about mind art, with wide range of experience in the entertainment industry we gathered around values delivered to our community. Our commitment to deliver values is driving our offerings.

Our team of energetic leaders inspire our core values of respect and belief in human mind capabilities. From inception to operation, our team is keen to offer our guests an unmet experience that is meant to change their way of thinking.

We share our values with all our guests and our community, leveraging the power of “WE” through our innovative designs and scientifically developed clues will boost the skills of Teamwork and Leadership skills.

Cooperate . Create . Innovate. Collaborate
NEVER Imitate

Ethical Fun is a trend initiated by Mind Arena team to develop minds of individuals and teams to think positively through challenging yet fun experience. Our guests inspired us to take the designs of our rooms to a whole new level, we engage psychology specialists, world class designers and award winning coaches to build innovative thinking clues. Our special operators will take you through the journey of fun to assure your valuable experience. You will be surrounded with friends and families from a start to end.