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Our specially designed rooms with multi-level challenges will make Mind-Arena your preferred outing destination. We believe in you…come and prove it.

Creative Thinking

Your mind has unlimited capabilities, your communication skills define your developing path. Experience starts from the moment you arrive and lasts forever.

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Your experience starts from the moment you arrive, warm welcoming to you and your companions. We took care of all minor details to host our elite customers.


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Dare to challenge your mind?

Take your  problem solving skills  to a new level…challenge yourself and your friends by trying one of our featured rooms. Mind blowing experience that leaves you with an impression to remember, get through a true live challenge.

House of Kadry Al-Menshawy

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The Mysterious Jungle

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One of the most richest Games with Features.

Ethical Fun is a trend initiated by Mind Arena team to develop minds of individuals and teams to think positively through challenging yet fun experience. Our guests inspired us to take the designs of our rooms to a whole new level, we engage psychology specialists, world class designers and award winning coaches to build innovative thinking clues.